Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I am reading a book called Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas and he has some really great points that have got me thinking and I'm sure will make you think as well. I have noticed lately with a lot of young couples who are married they have no idea what the union of marriage is supposed to be like in God's eyes. In all honesty I think that is why so many marriages fail because God is not at the center of their marriage. When we all try to be more like Jesus as the bible instructs us to be, we become better more loving and caring people. Less things are less likely to end such as divorce. Here are a few points I'd like to throw out there that Gary has pointed out.............

Both male and female are made in the image of God. Genesis 1:27 "The fact that my wife is made in the image of God calls me to a far more noble response than simply refraining from being condescending to her." "My wife was created by God himself! How dare I dishonor her? In face, shouldn't it even give me pause before I reach out to touch her? She is the Creator's daughter, after all!"

When I thought of it this way I thought to myself, why in the world didn't I see it like that sooner? In the past I have always been so caught up in living in this world rather than dying in this world that I couldn't see someone as God's daughter or son. I didn't look at things before as God's creation, it was just a tree, big deal right? I have taken so many things for granted and probably missed God so many times in my life already that I don't want to do that anymore.

"Instead of focusing on what Lisa could improve, I should have been on my knees, begging God to change me. Does Lisa feel like she is married to Jesus? I am told over and over again in Scripture that my duty as a Christian is to become more and more like Jesus Christ" "But wait! The selfish me wanted to cry out. What about her? If I were really mature, I would have the same compassion for her weaknesses as Christ does. Respect is a spiritual discipline, an obligation that I owe my wife."

I tend to be that BUT WAIT person. I think sometimes, what good is it going to do for me to change and my husband to not? Why should I pamper him and get nothing in return, why should I take care of everything and get nothing in return? Well because I am supposed to be more like Jesus and Jesus isn't selfish and all of the miracles he preformed he never expected anything in return other than love. He washed the feet of people, something that only the lowest of low people did back then. How many of us would be like....ummm yea I don't think I'm going to touch their feet. You know how many times I do it to Michael!! I've been selfish in that way. To a man who is completely selfless!! All this time I have worried, well if I am that good to someone they will just take advantage of me. I've taken advantage of my husband. If people do take advantage of me at least I know I did what I could to please God.

"But if you still want to, you know, I can go along with it, she says. That's not fair I used to think. I don't want just a willing wife. I want an egar one. But now I see the process-The kitchen floor that has enough cereal on it to feed a family of mice for three winters; the pressure of getting the homeschooling lessons done, while lunches need to be made and clothes need to be washed and ballet and soccer practice need to be accounted for; and...." "And I realized it was nothing personal, but sometimes wives just get tired. That's just the way it works in a fallen world. Lisa didn't want to get tired. But she is made of flesh and blood-and what else could I expect?"

Thank you, thank you Mr.Thomas for pointing this out. I have only one child but three dogs, a cat and fish. I get tired! I sweep the kitchen floor three times a day, sweep the carpet once a day, someone has to clean the bathrooms, do the laundry, dishes and cook supper. It doesn't get done on it's own. That is tiring while also listening to a three year old all day who's new favorite phrase is "watch this mommy".

This is just a really great book and I wish I would have had it before I had gotten married, I wish some of the young people I know who are getting married or who have gotten married would have read it. It is teaching me how to love again the way Jesus loves, to be selfless, to respect and to not expect anything in return when you do something good for someone because that is expected of us in the first place.